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Lavish Nail Spa is the number one place to go for an organic spa manicure in Lexington, KY. There is nothing more relaxing than a spa manicure. We treat both your hands and your mind as you sink into a luxurious manicure.
First we treat your hands with an aromatic hot towel wrap. Then we exfoliate your hands with a scrub and then you will receive a blissful hand massage. We will then treat your cuticles and shape up your nails. You will have the softest, prettiest hands of all of your friends.
Your manicurist will make sure to take great care of your hands and give you a beautiful manicure. We use the best gel nail polish to ensure that you will have chip free nails. We offer a wide rainbow of colors so you will be able to find your favorite shade. If you are getting ready for a special occasion, make an appointment with us. We will match your nails to your outfit and you will go out feeling relaxed and ready for anything.
Our organic salon and wellness center is a great place for a girl’s day. Go shopping with your friends, get lunch, and have a fantastic spa manicure. You will be massaged and painted to perfection. We are passionate about hand and foot care, so we promise that you will walk out with beautiful, healthy skin and gleaming nails.
If you are looking for a relaxing manicure to end your busy week with. Or if you are planning a girl’s day, set up an appointment with us. 

We would love to make you feel wonderful.

We also offer:
• SNS natural set
• Pink and white

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